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Please see the attachments week 1 and week 2 assignments to help with week 4 if you need itLabor Market
Write a 1000-1200 word paper that:
· Describes the results of your assessment of the labor market from which your selected organization draws candidates for open positions.
· Explains the population, demographics of the population, levels of education, and how much training may be required to prepare new workers drawn from this pool for positions in the firm.
· Use regional economic corporations, US Department of Labor and other sources to provide data.
In addition to the requirements above, your paper:
· Must be double-spaced and 12 point font
· Must be formatted according to APA style
· Must include an introductory paragraph with a thesis statement
· Must conclude with a restatement of the thesis and a conclusion paragraph
· Must reference a minimum of two recent scholarly resources
Total Possible Score: 5.00
The Labor Market
Total: 2.00
Distinguished – Provides a comprehensive assessment of the labor market from which the organization draws candidates for open positions.  Cohesively and clearly analyzes the labor market by providing specific examples. 
Proficient – Provides an assessment that explains the labor market from which the organization draws candidates for open positions.  Assessment is not clearly discussed and is lacking some pertinent details.  Adequately analyzes the labor market. 
Basic – Provides a limited assessment which briefly explains the labor market from which the organization draws candidates for open positions.  Assessment is not clearly discussed and is not supported with examples.  Analyzes the market, but the analysis is either incomplete or lacking in detail. 
Below Expectations – Provides an assessment which does not clearly explain the labor market from which the organization draws candidates for open positions.  The assessment is vague and not supported with examples.   Market analysis lacks relevance. 
Non-Performance – The description of the results of the labor market is either non-existent or lacks the components described in the assignment instructions.

Population, Demographics, Education, and Training
Total: 1.00
Distinguished – Clearly and comprehensively explains the population.  The explanation provides detailed and relevant information on the demographics, levels of education, and how much training is required to prepare new workers.  
Proficient – Sufficiently explains the population.  The explanation is missing some details that are relevant to understanding the demographics, levels of education, and how much training is required to prepare new workers. 
Basic – Briefly explains the population.  The explanation is missing several details that are important to fully understanding the demographics, levels of education, and how much training is required to prepare new workers. 
Below Expectations – Fails to adequately explain the population.  The explanTargeted Work Class: Walmart


Targeted Work Class: Walmart

Current trends in business and technology illustrate how workers and work processes will change entirely over the near future and bear pintsized similitude to the work environment as it stands today. How employees work includes where, when, why, and with whom they work. On the other hand, Mujtaba (2020) affirms that work processes describe the means through which human resources create value for their organizations. In this respect, what are Walmart’s key work processes and employees? Walmart’s essential work process and employees are retailing and software engineers, inventory management specialists, and store managers, respectively. The components are part of the parties that will see Walmart meet its current strategic challenges, including limited inventory and market.
Work process refers to how employees make value for an organization. Employees’ value in business transpires through profits. In other words, workers’ value to an organization is helping it make profits. Walmart’s leading source of revenue; hence, profits is in-Store Merchandise Sales. The online retailer makes the lion’s share of its earnings through retail sales. For a case in point, in 2020, Walmart accrued a whopping $370 billion in retail sales, leading to a 9.26% revenue share of the total retail sales worldwide, which was $25.04 trillion in 2020 (Mujtaba, 2020). As such, Walmart’s primary work process is online retailing, also known as electronic commerce or e-commencing.
Because it is an online retailer, Walmart depends heavily on technology components to generate income. For this reason, technology personnel are some of the key workers at this organization, and the value of their salaries vindicates this point. For instance, Walmart’s software engineers earn a whopping $123,821, more than co-managers, who pocket about 58,417 (Muñoz, 2021). Other than software engineers, inventory management specialists and store managers are other essential workers behind Walmart’s profitability and sustainability. Both employees facilitate efficient retailing. For example, inventory management specialists record daily deliveries, analyze different suppliers, and evaluate new shipments. On the other hand, Muñoz (2021) demonstrates that store managers are responsible for superintending daily operations of stores, ensuring smooth and effective operation. They also motivate sales teams, create business strategies, train new staff, and develop promotional materials. Thus, these employees form the pillar of Walmart’s work processes.
Although it is a sustainable company with massive flexibility, Walmart faces tremendous strategic challenges. Foremost, while it is the biggest global online retailer with sales of about $135 billion, the business’ services are limited to only about 26 countries outside the U.S, despite sourcing merchandise from more than 100 nations (Bedford et al., 2021). The company has no stores in some of 1


Selection of a Firm

Selection of a Firm


A business plan incorporates a company’s concerns regarding vital resource issues. Typically, a company formulates its business strategy based on the resources at its disposal and the long-term results it hopes to attain. Therefore, the majority of businesses formulate their strategies with the objective of increasing their performance and keeping pace with the market’s competition. The objective of this research is to identify an organization, discuss its nature, organizational structure as well as its business strategy. The selected organization for this paper is Walmart Inc. Walmart Stores Inc. is a well-known company that operates numerous locations across the globe including the United States, Mexico, Japan, United Kingdom India and Canada.

Nature of the Organization

Walmart is an international retail firm that was founded in the United States and maintains its headquarters in that country. Walmart is involved in the operation of many different hypermarkets, including food stores and discount departments, in a variety of nations all over the world. It is classified as a retail corporation in terms of its business operations. Sam Walton started the business in 1962, and since then he has been successful in growing it to be worth many millions of dollars. The company is a multinational discount retail chain. A stock split of the organization took place in May of 1972, and in 1981 Walmart expanded its activities to include the southern region of the United States (Pope & Pope, 2015). In 1993, under the leadership of Bobby Martin as president, Walmart established its international business. Subsequently, the corporation expanded into multiple states, which led to a rise in sales.
Walmart has a significant client base as a result of the low prices of the goods and services they provide, such as sports and recreation, electronics, delivery and pickup for household goods, and health insurance (Burbach, 2021). The management established two competing online stores, and, which gave clients the option to buy goods from the nearby store, increasing their client base and providing them a greater chance in the market than their rivals. 

Organization Chart for Walmart

Chief Executive Officer CEO

The position of chief executive officer (CEO) is the most senior executive position in a company and is responsible for managing all aspects of the business. The chief executive also provides assistance in the selection of candidates for various higher positions and provides input into the organization’s most important policy decisions. There are two assistant CEO’s one assistant is responsible for administration while the other is responsible for finances.

Assistant CEO in charge of Finance

Controls the company budgetary matters and has the authority to make important financial choices and monitor financial activities within the business a

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