InstructionsThis assignment has two parts. Both parts will be completed in the same attached  Unit VI Homework Template .Part 1: Imagine someone who believes gravity is not a real force in nature. Using the Unit VI Assignment template, write at least two to four paragraphs explaining to this person that gravity is a real force in nature. Note that you will be defending a very specific conclusion: Gravity is a real force of nature. Your assignment must address and demonstrate an understanding of the following concepts: scientific explanation, theory, and the scientific method (observation, experiment, and measurement).Part 2: After writing your paragraphs, fill out the premises in the attached template. The Unit VI Lesson may be helpful since it addresses Newton’s theory of gravity.View the  Unit VI Sample Homework for an example of how your completed assignment should look. The first part of your completed assignment must be at least one page in length, and you must use at least one resource from the CSU Online Library to support your defense. This Developing Keywords for Database Searches video will help you with research for your assignment.Adhere to APA Style when creating citations and references for this assignment. APA formatting, however, is not necessary. No more than 15–20% of your assignment should include outside information. The idea is to use some evidence to help defend your argument.
Instructions This assignment has two parts. Both parts will be completed in the same attached Unit VI Homework Template . Part 1: Imagine someone who believes gravity is not a real force in nature. U
Unit VI Homework Template Part 1: Insert a two- to four-paragraph discussion here. Part 2: Conclusion (scientific thesis): Premises (reasons why gravity exists) Gravity is a force in nature
Instructions This assignment has two parts. Both parts will be completed in the same attached Unit VI Homework Template . Part 1: Imagine someone who believes gravity is not a real force in nature. U
Unit VI Sample Homework Instructions: Imagine someone who does not believe that electricity is a real source of energy. Write a three – to five -paragraph response in which you ex plain to this person that electricity is a source of energy. Note that this amounts to defending a very specific thesis or a specific conclusion: electricit y is a source of e nergy. Your essay must show you understand the following concepts from Chapter 5: scientific explanation, theory, causa tion, and the scientific method (observation, experiment, and measurement). After writing your paragraphs, fill out the premises in the attached template. The template will help you organize your premises (reasons for your conclusion). Note that the words in bold denote the concepts that need to be addressed for this assignment. Electricity is a real source of energy in nature. There are several reasons for this. The scientific method requires that we study physical phenomena through observation. When we observe a lightning storm, we know there is some energy force at work , and this give s us some reason to believe electricity is a real source of energy in nature. We can also observe electricity via static electricity when we, for example, walk across a car pet and touch a doorknob . The fact that we experience both of these phenomena raises questions as to where this energy may come from. The explanations may even be cultural. There have been several explanations as to what causes a lightning storm, for examp le. In Norse mythology, for example, lightning was a consequenc e of Thor using his hammer when he fought giants. The Norse myth is an explanation because it does tell us why there are lightning discharges coming from the clouds. It is not , however, a scien tific explanation because it cannot be verified by any kind of measurement or scientific experimentation. Moreover, in order for it to be a scientific explanation it must also be a scientific theory or a corollary to a scientific theory . This raises the qu estion of how the creation of electricity is part of a larger scientific theory. Scientists explain the discharge of electricity in terms of atoms. Atoms are particles with several parts. Two of these parts are electrons and the nucleus . Electrons revolve around the nucleus. The structure of atoms and how electrons move is explained through atomic theory. Atomic theory is a scientific theory , and thus , electrons are understood theoretically. According to scientists, electrons carry a negative charge of electricity. The nucleus contains protons , which carry a positive charge. According to scientists, in some substances and under certain conditions, electrons are discharged from the atom. It is this discharg e or moveme nt of electrons that causes electricity . Copper is a good conductor of electricity. This means that electron mobility is very high in copper ; whereas , it may be lower in oth er metals like brass or bronze. Given what we know about ele ctrons an d good conduc tors like copper, w e can perform experiments to show electricity can be generated, that is, to show electrons can be discharged. Magnetism is also involved in the creation of electricity. There are several easy experiments where we can take copper wire, a couple of magnets , and a small light bulb to show how electrons are discharged ; we can see the effect when the light bulb lights up. Given what we know a bout atomic theory, we know this discharge or movement of electrons is caused by the movement of electr ons. Notice that this type of confirmation via experiments also involves observation . This tells us observation is part of the scientific method before and during experimentation. Before we were able to see , or observe , the effects of electricity in a thun derstorm , and now we can also see its effects during experimentation. Measurement is also a part of the scientific method. In fact, many times experimentation requires precise measurement (Films for the Humanities & Sciences, 2008) . We can measure the pre cise currents of electricity and even make predictions based on these measurements. Voltage, for example, measures the rate at which electrons are pressured or pushed throu gh a current. Amps (amperes) are unit s used to measure how much electrical charge is flowing past a specific point in one second. Voltage multiplied by amps gives us watts. The fact that these precise measurements can be made is a way to verify that it is, in fact, the discharge of electrons that causes electrical current (Films for the H umanities & Sciences, 2008) . Conclusion (scientific thesis): Premises (reasons why electricity exists as a source of energy) Electricity is a source of energy Premise 1: We observe lightning as source of light . Premise 2: We observe the effects of static electricity . Premise 3: Scientists have a coherent account (via the discharge of electrons) as to what causes electricity . Premise 4: We can perform experiments with copper wire to produce electricity . Premise 5: We can measure specific electrica l flow via amps (amperes) . Reference Films for the Humanities & Sciences (Producer). (2008). Electricity: Measuring voltage (Segment 5 of 9) [Video]. In Electric Current . Films on Demand. alPlaylists.aspx?wID=273866&xtid=38707&loid=55357

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