Criminology AssignmentResearch Essay2000 Words +/- 10 % Plagiarism FreeHarvard Referencing
Criminology Assignment Research Essay 2000 Words +/- 10 % Plagiarism Free Harvard Referencing
Suggested Ten Step Essay Guide 1. Brainstorming – Pick a topic from the list and highlight key terms. Read the topic carefully and make sure you are clear on what it is asking you to do. Be sure to think critically about the key terms and the assumptions that underpin them. Make a list of the key terms in the topic and any assumptions, issues or other terms that immediately come to mind. 2. Prelim Reading – Do some preliminary reading on the topic from the essential readings and from any further suggested readings. Also check for any relevant links (i.e. – videos or examples of cases or stories in media) provided in the lecture or in the news media. Take notes of any key relevant observations. 3. Research – Do some library database and Google scholar searches for scholarly articles, books or chapters on the topic area. Make sure you use a variety of combinations of terms in your searches and ensure you try both Australian and American spelling or terminology where relevant. Get assistance from a librarian if you are running into any difficulty. 4. More reading – Do some more reading (of these additional texts) – making sure you underline relevant ideas/interesting points and also take note of any new references from the reference lists within those readings that might also be worth following up. 5. Re-visit the Topic – At this point it is a good idea to go back to the topic/question and make sure that what it is asking is still clear to you. Is there anything in there you might have missed or misunderstood the first time? 6. Develop an Argument – Decide your argument or position in relation to the essay question and write down why. Consider any counter arguments or limitations to your argument and write these down. You may need to then collect more sources which look specifically at these limitations or counter-arguments. 7. Essay Plan – Make a list of the key points you would like to cover in your essay and how they relate to your argument (do they assist or counter your argument). Flesh these out with some detail and examples and references. Then arrange your points in a logical order, which will enable your essay to build a logical argument. Develop this into a full essay plan with dot-points so you can see the flow and structure of your argument. 8. Draft – Write your essay draft. Make sure it has a clear introduction, which introduces the topic or background and states your argument. Each body paragraph should deal with only one issue or topic. Each paragraph should flow coherently to the next (even if you use sub-headings). Make sure you explain things in your own words wherever possible (with references indicating where the ideas came from). Try to only use direct quotations where the quote specifically adds something unique (and you should also always explain the quote in your own words too). Your conclusion should sum up the key points and argument, and suggest any wider implications of this argument. Perhaps use some of the academic articles you have collected as a rough guide to the style of writing an academic essay (although these can of course vary in quality and style considerably). 9. Review/Edit – Take some time away from your essay, then read over it with fresh eyes. Edit your essay accordingly to ensure that it flows well, makes logical sense, is grammatically correct, spelling/punctuation/referencing/page numbers are accurate, and you are happy with the essay. 10. Submit – Once happy – submit to the ‘Research Essay’ Dropbox for feedback. Well done!
Criminology Assignment Research Essay 2000 Words +/- 10 % Plagiarism Free Harvard Referencing

Criminology Assignment Research Essay 2000 Words +/- 10 % Plagiarism Free Harvard Referencing
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Criminology Assignment Research Essay 2000 Words +/- 10 % Plagiarism Free Harvard Referencing
E S S AY G U I DA N C E 1 – B E F O R E YO U S TA RT • Read the question very carefully – and respond to the specific prompt. • Only respond to one question. • Undertake some research before making your final choice. This will avoid later issues re. ‘I cannot find enough research about…’ • Each question requires a ‘critical discussion’. This builds upon the analytical skills we have encouraged in the first two assignments. • Read the ‘ten step essay guide’ provided via CloudDeakin . • Use the discussion forum to ask questions/seek clarifications – please include a meaningful ‘subject’ to help other students with the same question. E S S AY G U I DA N C E 2 – S T RU C T U R E • Focused introduction : set scene, make your chosen question clear, and outline the key aspects that your paper will examine. This should enable the reader to know what is to come. Do not offer conclusions or findings in your introduction. Avoid tabloid style and/or overly general first sentences. • Body paragraphs : A paragraph must be more than just a statement. Each paragraph should reflect a measured and meaningful argument/contention. The focus should be clear, supported with relevant research evidence, and linked back to the overall essay argument/discussion. Each paragraph should stand -alone but also contribute coherently to the overall flow of the essay. Given the word count, between three and five body paragraphs is recommended. You may not be able to cover everything that you have found. Be selective, prioritise your points, and offer depth of analysis. • Conclusion : should highlight key findings and draw the paper to a meaningful close. Do not introduce new information in the conclusion, but you can acknowledge that there may be other issues etc. that your paper has not been able to address (due to the word count restrictions). E S S AY G U I DA N C E 3 – T I P S • Writing must be measured, objective and with an appropriate academic tone. • Use full paragraphs: no dot points, no fragmented sections, etc. • Do NOT use rhetorical questions, colloquialisms, unsubstantiated opinion, or overly emotive language. • Offer a considered and fully supported analysis, rather than description or opinion. • Minimum of 12 reputable references – this will take time to put together. Media articles are not reputable sources. • Do NOT splice together sections or quotes from other sources. We are assessing your work, not the writing of others (even if correctly attributed). Direct quotes must be used very sparingly. It is much better to paraphrase (and cite your source) to demonstrate your understanding of the content. • Do not use footnote (Oxford) referencing. • Proof read carefully. Read your work out loud. Shorten very long sentences, and ensure your work is clear and coherent. • Check your own turnitin report. Matches above about 35% (including the Reference List) may point to an over -reliance on sections from other sources.

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