Complete the VARK Questionnaire (link provided below) to determine your preferred learning style. Begin your assignment by identifying your learning style(s). Using your preferred VARK learning style (Visual, Aural,Read/Write, Kinesthetic), describe the strategies youwill use toassist you in learning the content for the classes in the scenarios listed below. For each scenario, write 2-3 sentences describing strategies you would use to overcome the learning obstacles presented in the scenarios. Be sure to answer the questions based uponYOUR learning style(s). Example: “If my English professor lectures as his primary teaching style, I would…”Scenarios Your English professor lectures as his primary teaching style. Your History professor likes to tell stories to the class, but she does not spend much class time on the class material. On the first day of school, your Math professor tellsyou that 50% of the students in this class will drop it by the thirdweek of school.She is cold, distant, and unapproachable. Your Biology professor covers many terms in class you do not know. You feel lost most of the time. Your professor presents many complicated graphs and diagrams during class, and he does not spend enough timeexplaining them. Your computer professor uses PowerPoint during lectures, but he clicks the slides too fast for you to keep up.When you ask him to go back to a particular slide, he frowns with displeasure.
Complete the VARK Questionnaire (link provided below) to determine your preferred learning style. Begin your assignment by identifying your learning style(s). Using your preferred VARK learning styl
The VARK Questionnaire –How Do I Learn Best? This questionnaire aims to find out something about your preferences for the way you work with information. You will have a preferred learning style and one part of that learning style is your preference for the intake and output of ideas and information. Choose the answer which best explains your preference and circle the letter next to it. Please circle no more than one answer. Leave blank any question which does not apply, but try to give an answer for at least 10 of the 13 questions 1. You are about to give directions to a person who is standing with you. She is staying in a hotel in town and wants to visit your house later. She has a rental car. I would: a. draw a map on paper b. tell her the directions c. write down the directions (without a map) d. collect her from the hotel in my car 2. You are not sure whether a word should be spelled ‘dependent’ or ‘dependant’. I would: a. look it up in the dictionary. b. see the word in my mind and choose by the way it looks c. sound it out in my mind. d. write both versions down on paper and choose one. 3. You have just received a copy of your itinerary for a world trip. This is of interest to a friend. I would: a. phone her immediately and tell her about it. b. send her a copy of the printed itinerary. c. show her on a map of the world. d. share what I plan to do at each place I visit. 4. You are going to cook something as a special treat for your family. I would: a. cook something familiar without the need for instructions. b. thumb through the cookbook looking for ideas from the pictures. c. refer to a specific cookbook where there is a good recipe. 5. A group of tourists has been assigned to you to find out about wildlife reserves or parks. I would: a. drive them to a wildlife reserve or park. b. show them slides and photographs c. give them pamphlets or a book on wildlife reserves or parks. d. give them a talk on wildlife reserves or parks. 6. You are about to purchase a new stereo. Other than price, what would most influence your decision? a. the salesperson telling you what you want to know. b. reading the details about it. c. playing with the controls and listening to it. d. it looks really smart and fashionable. 7. Recall a time in your life when you learned how to do something like playing a new board game. Try to avoid choosing a very physical skill, e.g. riding a bike. I learnt best by: a. visual clues — pictures, diagrams, charts b. written instructions. c. listening to somebody explaining it. d. doing it or trying it. 8. You have an eye problem. I would prefer the doctor to: a. tell me what is wrong. b. show me a diagram of what is wrong. c. use a model to show me what is wrong. 9. You are about to learn to use a new program on a computer. I would: a. sit down at the keyboard and begin to experiment with the program’s features. b. read the manual which comes with the program. c. telephone a friend and ask questions about it. 10. You are staying in a hotel and have a rental car. You would like to visit friends whose address/ location you do not know. I would like them to: a. draw me a map on paper. b. tell me the directions. c. write down the directions (without a map). d. collect me from the hotel in their car. 11. Apart from the price, what would most influence your decision to buy a particular textbook? a. I have used a copy before. b. a friend talking about it. c. quickly reading parts of it. d. the way it looks is appealing. 12. A new movie has arrived in town. What would most influence your decision to go (or not go)? a. I heard a radio review about it b. I read a review about it. c. I saw a preview of it. 13. Do you prefer a lecturer or teacher who likes to use? a. a textbook, handouts, readings b. flow diagrams, charts, graphs. c. field trips, labs, practical sessions. d. discussion, guest speakers. SCORING CHART Question Answered “a” Answered “b” Answered “c” Answered “d” 10 11 12 13 CALCULATING YOUR SCORES Count the number of each of the VARK letters you have circled to get your score for each VARK category. Total number of Vs circled = Total number of As circled = Total number of Rs circled = Total number of Ks circled =

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