Analyze the previous journal entries and discuss the differences and similarities among the entries.Consider the type of writing entry, your approach to writing the entry, any challenges encountered while writing a specific entry, any rewards / benefits to writing a specific entry, etc. After taking this class for an entire semester, what does the expression “the writing process” mean to you, and how would you define your writing process?
Analyze the previous journal entries and discuss the differences and similarities among the entries.Consider the type of writing entry, your approach to writing the entry, any challenges encountered w
[Last Name] 0 Anthony Legendre Kenya Thompson ENC1102 May 14th, 2020 I really enjoy writing and always have since I was a kid, it has helped me in ways I never thought possible. When I am in my writing zone, you’ll normally find me in my dorm room, at my desk but since this quarantine started and I came back home, you’ll now find me in my bedroom but still at my desk. I remember when my liking for writing first started. I started to see a therapist when I was about 7 or 8, she told me the best way to let out feelings is by writing, she gave me a notebook and told me whenever I felt the need to release emotion or just wanted to jot things down, write. At first, I thought it was a bit girly not going to lie, but the more she told me to do it, the more I started to enjoy it. I saw her every week, so every time I saw her, there was always something new on the next page. I will be honest though; it’s been a minute since I’ve written in a journal, I’ve been getting caught up in gaming. High school was a bit different for me though, some of the topics I would get wouldn’t sound interesting to me, don’t get me wrong I can be given any topic and write 500-1000 words easy but some were boring to write. Now, writing essays in college is intriguing and gets my creative side flowing, I like that a lot. I feel like in college I’m not being held back or have rules of what I can and can’t write. In high school they want you to grow up but still hold your hand, that’s how I see it and to me, that doesn’t make sense. I do have a “ritual” that I do before I write (or I like to think it is a ritual). I like to take five minutes to myself before I start writing and sit in my room with no tv on, no music, nothing just complete silence and try to get my mind in a relaxing state while either drinking a beer or a glass of chocolate milk (depending on how I’m feeling). I’ll normally think of my favorite place and then let my mind wander. I enjoy writing so much because it helped me express my emotions to others when I couldn’t form the words out of my mouth. It’s also made me enjoy reading. I feel like because of writing, I have such a creative imagination and that’s one of the first things you lose after growing up.
Analyze the previous journal entries and discuss the differences and similarities among the entries.Consider the type of writing entry, your approach to writing the entry, any challenges encountered w
(again, to respect his name, I am going to use a fake one) Dear Nick, I am upset you decided to bail on us last minute with the apartment. I feel like you knew ahead of time that you weren’t going to go but told us all what we wanted to hear. To be quite honest with you Nick, I would have had a lot more respect for you if you would have just told me two weeks in advance rather than wait till last minute and let us be stuck with a random. If you would have told me earlier, I wouldn’t just respect your decision (maybe try to encourage you to stay) but that would’ve given me and the guys time to ask someone else in our group who has yet to room with others rather than hoping our random roommate isn’t such a dud. You know there is nothing back at home, Saint Cloud has nothing to offer and I feel like apart of you knows that but you’re too scared to leave home, because the minute your mom was telling you to come home and stay home, you were all for it with no hesitation. Not only did you disrespect us all, but our friendship. Out of all of us, I’ve obviously known you the longest. You’re talking fifteen years dude and you’re telling me you couldn’t at least pull me aside privately and tell me you weren’t planning on coming back next semester? I also worked my ass off to get you into TCC in the first place, making sure we were in the same dorm room or introducing you to people, so you didn’t feel like an outcast. I made sure I did everything I could to give you the best first semester, better than mine was! I feel like all my hard work to get you to TCC was one huge slap in the face. You expect your family to disappoint you or girlfriends, but I just never thought my best friend, who I felt like was more of a brother to me would do this, because all I know is that I would never do what you did to me to you. In some ways I feel like it has kind of changed our friendship, maybe it’s not the same because I have yet to receive a proper apology. I wouldn’t be surprised if we barely talk from here on out. I wish you the best man, I really do and hope that you don’t do crappy things like this to others. I’ll see you when I see you. Ant
Analyze the previous journal entries and discuss the differences and similarities among the entries.Consider the type of writing entry, your approach to writing the entry, any challenges encountered w
Anthony Legendre Kenya Thompkins ENC1102 May 27th, 2020 Do you know how difficult it is to help one of your best friends since elementary school get their life together? Very difficult. I’ve spent a lot of my time last year trying to help push one of my friends into college just for them to only last a semester, after they told me numerous times they wanted to go to college. To respect his name, I will refer to him as Eric. Eric was always hard working (when he wants to be) and his parents love him, but they aren’t trying to push him into being something greater. They are completely fine with him staying at home, maybe even forever. I on the other hand am ago getter, I strive to be successful and I’ll do whatever it takes to get to where I want to be but I also had parents who’ve done nothing but push me to my full potential. Eric told me shortly before spring break had started that he was going to be roommates with me and two others of our friends, come August when we move into our apartment. Well the time came where we all had to put in our halves of the money and sign onto our lease, you can guess who did and who didn’t. That’s right, Eric. Eric was giving me the go around for the longest time, and finally wanted to tell me he wasn’t coming back to TCC in August. Obviously I was extremely upset and told him if he wasn’t coming to begin with, me and the rest of the guys should’ve known so we would’ve had time to ask one of our other friends who’ve yet to find an apartment or whatever to stay with us, instead of being stuck with a random. I don’t have a problem with having a stranger live with us but I remember when I first went to college, my roommate in my dorm room, we didn’t see eye to eye, we had two different personalities that clashed in a bad way. His response was “my parents said it would be best if I stay at home and go to the community college that’s local to where I live, and I think they’re right”. Again, I told him how bothered I was by it and he understood and told me he was sorry for not properly communicating. He’s been my best friend since kindergarten, I’m not going to have one miscommunication throw away 15 years of friendship. Come August, I am now being stuck with a random who I hope is just as chill as me and the guys. At the end of the day, the only advice I could give to someone if they ask me how to go about extending your neck to a longtime friend, it’s that you properly communicate. Communication goes such a long way, one bad thing said, and it can ruin a good relationship.

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